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The cthulhu coil jig pro can coil single wire, parallel wire and can also be clamped in a vice for advanced coils such as staple coils and framed staple coils. It has a wire clamp to keep force on the leg to enable you to pull advanced coils nice and tight. 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm and 4mm bits included so a good variety of coil sizes can be made for tanks and macro coils for RDA. Knurled surface for extra grip will make coil making a breeze. Longer posts, and a step on the posts, more easily to lining up your coils.It is also a twisted wire jig.

Standard Configuration
1 * Cthulhu coil jig pro
1 * Twisted wire jig
1 * vise (outsourcing)

Designed by Pete and Cthulhu MOD
Manufactured by Cthulhu MOD

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